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Tuition and Fees

Here at HBITS, we strive to keep the cost of a sound, biblical education as affordable as possible. If you have any questions or comments regarding tuition, fees or other inquires, please direct them to admissions@hbits.org

Current Tuition

  • Associates of Biblical Studies-Undergrad: 1,800.00 (1,500 if paid in full at enrollment) 
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies-Undergrad: 3,200.00 (2,800.00 if paid in full at enrollment)
  • Bachelor of Theology-Undergrad: 3,200.00 (2,800 if paid in full at enrollment) 
  • Master of Theology-Graduate: 4,800.00 (4,300 if paid in full at enrollment) 
  • Master of Biblical Studies-Graduate: 4,800.00 (4,300 if paid in full at enrollment) 
  • Associates-Bachelors Combination: 5,400.00  

Although you will save money by paying in full, we do offer an interest-free payment plan for those who would like to avail themselves of it. 

  • For the Associates program: 500.00 down, 135.00 /mo for 24 months
  • For the Bachelor programs: 700.00 down,  165.00/mo for 24 months
  • For combination degree programs, contact the seminary. Still need different terms? We may be able to work with you, contact us today for more information.


Graduation Fee: 125.00
Administration Fee: 125.00
Diploma Fee: 50.00
Transcript Fee: 20.00 for the first, 10.00 for each additional 

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